Our Vision

The origins of our story...

What is operationSIN?

operationSIN is an NFT project focused on lore & storytelling with an emphasis on unique role-playing based utility. The story of operationSIN revolves around "SIN", a mysterious entity focused on destroying the prototypes. The prototypes are said to be dangerous and destructive and it's SIN's duty to eliminate them.

operationSIN is an 6,666 supply collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is founded by pioneers of the WEB3 space with a focus on creating the best possible experience for both holders and enthusiasts. We aim to deliver quality when it comes to the lore, artwork and utility attached to the token.

This document will preface all information regarding operationSIN, is subject to change, and may be updated overtime.

operationSIN was founded originally by NFTLlama to create an interesting lore-based project with a focus on IP. The idea of operationSIN was first founded by NFTLlama, but has been expanded/executed on by the team of operationSIN. The team is very ambitious on creating interesting experiences that involve the community within the lore while focusing on adding value to the holders.

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