Partners & Llamaverse

What is Llamaverse?

Llamaverse is LlamaLabs' genesis collection. With any platform we build, we make sure we benefit Llamaverse holders, which encourages people to want to be part of these platforms. People who hold a Llamaverse and an operationSIN NFT will gain additional perks, as a way of showing our appreciation for your continued support.

Perks will include:

  • Exclusive Llamaverse branded vaulted items (will not be destroyed between seasons).

  • Gold earning bonus & one Gold Generator level 1 granted for free

  • XP earning bonus

We wanted to establish some cool utility to involve our Llamaverse community if they own an operationSIN NFT. On top of this, if you own a Llamaverse - you will have higher likelihood of getting whitelisted for operationSIN. Furthermore, if you were a part of the snapshot for a teleporter (previous reward for being a Llamaverse holder), teleporters may be burned in exchange for a whitelist for operationSIN.


ALL whitelist spots are reserved for ONLY the community. We will do 0 sinner spots/whitelist spots for partners, as the community deserves it. To increase our growth, we will allow partners to participate within the game and create custom cosmetics, items, lore, and other things to better solidify our connections within the space.

We will provide more information at a later date regarding everything we decide to do with partners!

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