There will be multiple utilities/functionalities associated with operationSIN which all interconnect to make the experience as smooth as possible. We will briefly summarize what each utility is on this page, and you will be able to see how they interconnect. Ordered by date of release, operationSIN utility will consist of at least the following:

  • SIN Level - Your SIN Level increases with XP earned through various activities in the project.

  • SIN Badges - A badge system that is made up of immutable soulbound polygon NFTs. They are earned through achievements within the project.

  • SIN Shop & Gold - You will be able to earn gold through staking, perks, in-game events, and activities. This gold can be spent in the SINShop, which grants you various items. These items will benefit you within the project, and will also reward you in different ways externally.

  • SIN Hideout & Modules - A hideout for your vigilantes with upgradable modules and customizable aspects. You will be able to unlock/upgrade modules to help in areas within the project. Eventually, this hideout will also be reflected as a soulbound polygon NFT that will fit in banner sizes. As you upgrade elements or add customization, the NFT will updated to reflect upgrades.

  • SIN World - The gaming experience that grants you XP, rewards (and penalties), and progresses the storyline.

Understand that utilities can get updated/changed. We will look to build most utilities and ensure it's near completion by the time we launch. Please note, because SIN World requires considerable time to develop, it will require more time than other aspects of the project.

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