SIN Shop & Gold

What is the SIN Shop?

The SIN Shop is a shop that will be off-chain and the gateway to unlock different items to utilize within the SIN World & SIN Hideout. You will be able to earn gold through a variety of ways and be able to spend it in the SIN Shop.

To progress in the SIN World, to unlock the story, and to make certain decisions, you may need to visit the SIN Shop. Gold can be earned by playing within the SIN World, by increasing SIN Levels, and/or through engaging in activities within the community.

What Items are in the SIN Shop?

The SIN Shop has a variety of items that can be used to improve your vigilante, progress within the world, or strictly for cosmetic purposes. You will be able to earn gold in activities throughout SIN World and externally within our community through events and other activities within our discord.

4 Categories of Items:

  • SIN World Utility Items (examples: knives, magic staffs, backpacks). These items are in-game items that help progress the story.

  • SIN Hideout Upgrade Plans (these are workshop plans to place modules such as the SIN Box Generator, Gold Generator, and others).

  • SIN Hideout Cosmetics (limited supply drops purchasable with gold, strictly cosmetic).

  • Misc. Items (examples: keys for the SIN Box, NFTs, opportunities and more).

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