Launch Details

Launch Details for operationSIN

We will be going over some important details regarding things like the mint, mint date, supply, how the minting process will work, and much more through this FAQ. The FAQ will be continuously updated to ensure we are keeping information transparent, current, and accessible for the public!

  • What is the supply for operationSIN?

6,666 NFTs

  • When is the release date?

We are looking to release the collection in Q1 of 2023. We have moved the timeframe back in order to provide us with enough runway to build out utility, storyline, and prepare to deliver the highest quality product to our holders. Furthermore, the additional time will afford us a greater amount of time to market and unveil our strategies.

  • What will the mint price be?

The mint price will comport with industry standard pricing. We are here to prove ourselves with an industry standard price and a large portion of funds will be used to properly build out the utility .

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