SIN Seasons

What is a SIN Season?

We will be creating SIN Seasons starting with Season 1. We wanted to create Seasons for SINWorld and the overall ecosystem because we want to keep things fresh for the community. There will be incentives for hitting the max level and finishing at least one playthrough of the SINWorld.

Some of the incentives will include:

  • Updated badge on your NFT (essentially making it rarer).

  • An ability to unlock the "Next Season Welcome Pack", these welcome packs will be exclusive to people who have completed certain requirements within the previous season. These welcome packs may include exclusive starter items and rewards.

  • Slight head start within the SIN Hideout

  • One week XP bonus

With the Seasons, we want to create a new storyline that expands on the previous story from within the first Season of the SINWorld. This will create a rewarding and fun experience for the players who enjoy the lore and story of operationSIN.

It will be 100% optional to progress within the SINWorld (from season to season). If you do choose to progress, your level will be reset and all your unvaulted items will be deleted (these items will mainly be utility items) and your hideout will also be reset. However, there will be many rewards for progressing within the story, as described above.

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