SIN Hideout

What Is the SIN Hideout?

The SIN Hideout is an underground base assigned to you by the operation. You will be able to manage your SIN Levels/Badges, access the SINWorld and purchase items from the SIN Shop.

With the SINHideout, we plan to eventually make them into an interactive soulbound NFT, as well as the ability for holders to generate them as social banners. As you level up parts of your hideout, you will begin to unlock perks and customizations for your hideout.

Benefits of Upgrading Your SIN Hideout

Initially, your hideout will be empty. Your hideout will be upgradable with items you purchase using SIN Gold. As you unlock items and upgrades, you will begin to unlock additional utilities, such as items within the SIN Shop and further functionalities within the SIN World. On top of that, for more customization, you will also be given the ability to unlock certain rare items that can be placed in your SIN Hideout.

SIN Hideout Modules

When you first receive your hideout (which you will receive as an operationSIN NFT holder), there will be empty modules that can be acquired by ranking up through the level system or by purchasing them through the shop using SIN Gold.

The following modules will be unlock-able & upgradable:

  • SIN Box Generator - Mystery boxes that can be generated on a weekly to a monthly basis for different prizes and rewards.

  • Gold Generator - One of the most advanced tech machines in the world that can be purchased through the SIN Shop - it produces gold on a daily basis.

  • Blacksmith Area - Ability to create certain items for in-game use.

  • Commodity Area - Ability to build things like an espresso machine, which grants you temporary energy boosts.

  • Other cosmetics/secret areas (more info to come soon).

You will be able to unlock these modules and/or purchase them through the shop by using SIN Gold (earned throughout the ecosystem).

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