SIN Level

What Are SIN Levels?

Introducing SIN Levels: an exciting way to encourage loyalty & self-growth within the project. SIN Levels are earned via staking, events, completing bounties and playing within the SIN World.

When you mint your NFT will automatically be SIN LVL 1. The level will reset if the NFT is transferred, as we would like to encourage all newcomers to earn progress within the NFT.

How Does It Work?

There will be a power level known as the SIN Level. There will also be attribute levels known as Trait Levels. To level up your overall SIN Level, you will gain XP in specific traits such as Loyalty, Exploring, Achievements and more.

Example of How XP Works: Playing in the SIN World, players will gain XP for exploring. When you gain XP exploring, your overall SIN level increases as well. You will unlock utilities and perks depending on your SIN Level and exploration level.

Each NFT will be assigned a specific class. Depending on the class assigned, you will get XP bonuses on certain traits. While you are not required to own multiple NFTs, owning multiple NFTs will provide an XP Bonus. Collecting one of each class will provide the largest bonus.

What Kind of Perks?

There will be many different rewards/incentives throughout operationSIN, many of which will revolve around the level system. The level system provides incentives for holders to stake, participate in activities, and continue to be involved in the operationSIN community.

  • Every x level, you will automatically be given a SINKey, which can be used to unlock SINBoxes with rare rewards (such as NFTs, in-game items, and exclusive functionalities).

  • Unlock exclusive items and modules as described in the SIN Hideout and SIN Shop section.

  • Ability to apply to the operationSIN team/voting board.

  • 10+ more perks which will be disclosed soon.

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