SIN World

What is the SIN World?

The SIN World is a decision-based single player experience focused around your vigilantes. It's up to you to make the right decisions and take your vigilante(s) down the right path. Within the world, your vigilantes will be assigned different classes and levels. Certain actions within the world will have requirements, which may include level restrictions, item requirements, and/or energy level requirements.

Within the SIN World, there will be tons of rewards, perks, badges, and functionalities you can unlock. Explore the world and progress the story of operationSIN through a fun and interactive experience.

The Dangers & The Rewards

The SIN World is extremely dangerous but can also be rewarding. Overall, it's your job to stay safe but also progress the story.

You will be able to earn gold and exclusive items directly from gameplay, but you may not always be rewarded. Poor choices may cause you to lose gold and certain items within the game. By exploring the world, you may also find keys, which can be used to open SIN Boxes in your hideout (available once you unlock the SIN Box module).

While you may lose gold or certain items, some things are permanent/safe, including: your NFTs; levels; and badges. Once SIN Levels are earned, they cannot be lost unless the NFT is transferred or sold. Similarly, once a badge is earned, it'll be safe forever and nontransferable.

How Does the Game Work?

The game will be a single player experience, but we are contemplating the possibility of a chat functionality for players who are at the same stage.

The game will be built within the web browser and accessible/playable only if you have at least one NFT. We will also integrate mechanics such as your SIN Level, progress and much more.

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